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Great way to start

Wish to heck I could have seen it - congrats Coach and team
Franks Tanks

The Hoyas are not a top 20 team, but still and excellent win.  Things are finally looking up.

It was in DC, it was over a team thats arguably top 30, and we came back from 5 goals down.   I dont think we could ask for a whole lot more - except to not get 5 goals down......

Looked like pretty balanced scoring from the laxpower piece - interested to see some stats on FO, ground balls and clears.

Box score is up on Georgetown website:

Faceoffs pretty even, 18/21 on clears.  Took advantage of some man-up opportunities in contrast to past few years.  Hyatt stood on his head in goal in second half.

Guys. A great win for a whole new program. LC showed some real character out there. Well done boys!!

"Others Receiving Votes" in the Nike and USILA polls.  Onward and upward!

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Men's Lacrosse
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