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Hall of Famer's daughter will play FH next fall for the pard

Alexis Biale daughter of recent hall of fame inductee Steve Biale (all american lineman, (Dallas Cowboys) will play for the leopards next year. Her mother was also an standout FH player in college. Griffith has finished his classs which includes a recruit where we beat out a top ten team for. He is now working identifying 2009 recruits.
His camps and clinics, which he runs all over the country, are paying off.
He is also personally overseeing off season training, according to team members, and promises their toughest spring ever. We are finally approaching this sport like a Div 1 team and the team is responding!!

Thanks for the update lafalum. It will be nice to get this program back to the top of the conference. Looks like we are heading in that direction.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Recruiting Thread
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