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After a slow start, the team played much better in the second half but ended up with a tree point loss as Hampton hit a three, two layups on defensive lapses and a series of foul shots in the last five minutes.  The Leopards had a seven point lead with about six minutes to go but Hampton put on a full court press and LC turned it over three consecutive times to let Hampton back in the game.  The next two times against the press, they scored fast break points.  Three of the freshmen Agnello, Santerelli and Gumms played a total of 49 minutes and generally accounted themselves very well.  Gumms had a double double, the first of many in her LC Career I suspect.  She was really aggressive on the offensive boards.  The team had tons of turnovers again and lost the defensive rebounding statistic decisively.  This was a very winnable game but the team could not finish.  They need to learn how to win. On to Penn at home then a road trip to Queens vs. St Johns (formerly the Red Men or Red Women!).

I saw some sparks with Gumms and Santerelli playing well.  Maya Hood had a good night and the team seemed to play better when she was on the floor. The team needs some wins before the PL starts.
LC Fan

31 turnovers against Hampton, a MEAC team. Averaging about 26 turnovers a game thus far in the season and that would certainly be a school record. More than twice as many turnovers as assists. Can't win until this problem is solved.

If the team scored on only one third of the TO's they give away they would have about 15-16 more points a game.These multitudinous TO's are the difference. It may be an incorrectable problem however as all the opponents seem faster and quicker than the Leopards.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Women's Basketball
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