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Hinrichs and Lindner Garner PL Awards

Hinrichs is 3rd team All-League and Lindner made the All-Rookie team.

Unfortunately, 3rd team seems to be something of a service award for guys who would have gotten higher recognition had they played more.  Both Hinrichs and Loyola's Dylon Cormier were named 3rd team while missing significant time due to injuries.  Seth then spent some time working on his game after returning to the lineup.  He's probably a first teamer without the missed time, however.

Lindner certainly deserves the accolade.  It was probably between him and Lehigh center Tim Kempton for Rookie of the Year (Kempton got the nod).  A little out of control at times, but his propensity to take it to the basket caused defenses to back off their perimeter defenses a little.

Yes and yes. Agree and agree. Congrats to both.

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