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8 -6 Hofstra.. My notes from the game...I thought the attack looked very good.. All the points were scored by them... Where is our Midfield? Westby McCarthty were non factors.... Defense looked very good ... Andrews is a starter.. The kid can play.. Falcone looked very sharp..Fogo is the same old situation... We didn't fair well... Where was Orazietti and Cannon? They need to be on the field... Dmids played well especially Gallagher...
Bogus Megapardus

Re: Hofstra

pards4ever wrote:
Andrews is a starter. The kid can play.

That's the kid from Summit, right?  Starter from a top program.  First team all-NJ I believe.  He'll be a big factor on D especially with Cannon in there too.


Congratulations to Mac Gallagher, Sr. SSDM for receiving the Nicholas Colleluori Award for Lafayette Mens Lacrosse!

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