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Holy Cross

It's not looking good at the half with the 'saders up 40-31.  Even with Fiacco sitting with 2 fouls, the Leopards own the paint.  Unfortunately, Holy Cross is shooting well from the perimeter and is getting some transition opportunities against the plodding Leopards.

Homan has had some moments, but really needs to practice shooting layups.  The big difference:  Holy Cross can shoot.

The Pards were taken to school.  Final:  HC 75, LC 61, and it wasn't nearly that close.  I'm waiting for Steve, but I'm thinking this team isn't as close to contending as we'd hoped.  The Holy Cross center duo of Parker (6'2" freshman) and Ganser (6'1" sophomore) were apparently challenged by their coach and came through.  A very physical duo who seemed to intimidate the Lafayette front line.  Face it, our kids just can't shoot.  The Pards can't shoot layups, and the farther they move from the basket, the worse they get.  One also has to ask if we can afford to have both Fiacco and Homan on the court at the same time against a team that can run.

Hey, Diane Nolan, when you're all alone out there on the recruiting trail, turn down the volume on your favorite CD and think one word - SHOOTERS!

Agreed, c2. Biggest difference was shooting and overall strength of the HC bruisers.  Those missed layups (6 or 7?) were hard to fathom. Again, Danielle's improved shooting was the bright spot.  It's about the future for us, but the future sure looks bright for Navy and HC as well.  No contest at home vs a young team with 2 league losses.  Hopefully our incoming class is better than theirs.

A very poor effort by the girls tonight.  Homan: 8 points. Fiacco: 24 minutes.

Terrible shoot as was pointed out and out rebounded.  The girls MUST start playing better at home.
The Maroon

It's going to be a marathon not a sprint. I think next year we'll see if a solid base is there, and the following year we'll really know how high Nolan can take things. Not saying she'll need to win a championship that year - but she'll have virtually an entire team of her recruits to play her system.

Homan lets the game come to her - that's an asset. We can't expect a frosh to give us 20 points - ever. We can only be happy when it does happen.

If I have a concern it's at PG. Freeland is seeing less time due to (I am assuming - as always I don't get consulted by Diane on these things) and way to many turnovers. Picking up minutes is  Downey who shoots as poorly but has passes better. To even it up - Freeland gets to the line more.
The problem is neither can hit a 3 pointer consistently enough to draw out  an opposing guard. They don't have to be sharpshooters - just good enough to keep them honest. But I'm not going to beat on Freeland she's being asked to do to much right now.  Her and Peabody will bring a much more refined product to the floor next year - I'm confident of that.

Fiacco's got to get better from the line. Fahan needs more shots. Homan might want to become more of a threat from 3 point land to create more space for Fiacco and Freeland just needs to keep her chin up and we can take a big step forward next year.

I still think we're going to see a nice step up when we have the second round of league games - we gave away two...

If we can get to ten wins I'd say things are right on track.

The Maroon wrote:
Freeland just needs to keep her chin up and we can take a big step forward next year.

Great point. Brya seems to be a very sensitive young lady.  As fans and alum we're thrilled and proud she chose LC.  Play within her abilities and  "keep the chin up."

We do not have a legitimate perimeter shooting threat and that will continue to be a problem as teams can drop down to crowd Fiacco and Homan.  I am still bummed out that  HC's 6'2" and 6'1" intimidated and thoroughly outplayed our 6'7" and 6'3".  We need to get tougher inside.

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