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Hoyas Query

GU to PL in lax?  Not much left in BE, PL certainly a deeper and more talented conference.

Wouldn't Gtown have to move all sports to the PL?
Bogus Megapardus

Georgetown must play in the Big East as long as the Big East sponsors MLax.  Those are the rules.

My guess is that some of the Hoya coaches/players might prefer the Patriot at the moment given the way in which it is shaping up, but Georgetown was a charter member of the Big East and they were a driving force behind the creation of the conference.  They'll likely hang on to the Big East to the bitter end.

I'm sure that a lot of schools would like to join the Patriot for men's (and women's) lax - we're a hot conference now that the NCAA champion Loyola Greyhounds have joined, with the success of Colgate and Lehigh and Bucknell and with the venerable Academies all in the mix.  High school recruits' interest in Jim Rogalski's new program probably couldn't be greater than it is right now.  

That's great for Lafayette but it looks like we'll still be a bottom-dweller in the league for a few years.  I'm OK with that, I suppose, as long as it remains clear that we are giving the effort to keep pace with the meteoric rise of PL lax and applying the necessary resources.  Hiring Coach Rogalski and designating Fisher has the default home field for MLax is a good start (even though practice and lockers likely will remain at Metzgar for now).

One unattached independent that won't express interest in joining the Patriot for MLax is Hopkins.  They are to MLax what Notre Dame is to football.  Hopkins is the most storied program in all of lacrosse (with Syracuse, Cornell, Virginia and Maryland all tied for second place).  Everyone wants Hopkins on their schedule and they can pick and choose as they see fit.  Love to have them but it would never happen.

Michigan and Penn State also are independents (both playing under the ECAC banner for MLax) but I wouldn't have either of them as PL affiliates.

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