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The Maroon

I hope to lose the ads

pretty soon. It looks like I can buy the convenience of not having ads. If we get a few more regulars to register I'll take the plunge (the prices they are quoting are in Euros...what the hell is that?)

All right...I've farted around on this enough tonight.
Roster Imposter

Great Idea

Great idea going to a registered site. I think it will offer the same benefits as before without all of the ads and the complete jerks who would post.

I like it!

Much nicer space. I look forward to frequent visits. Thanks! Very Happy


Thanks for your effort, Maroon. I'm sure this site will become a big hit with the regulars. Besides for losing the ads, if we can lose those jerks that post under false names and make garbage posting such as poster a, b, c, etc... this site will become what the original site should have be- a site for sharing views on Lafayette sports!

Don't know if I'm the first "outsider" to register, but maybe I'm the first to post.

I like registered forums. We heard many of the same concerns you have 2.5 years ago when the HC board went registered. Now we have almost 600 registered users and have averaged around 50 posts a day over that 2.5 years.

Not saying that you'll get to 50 posts a day, but I think you'll like the changes registering brings.

One thing to add if possible. Links to other PL boards and other Lafayette/PL related sites like most of the other boards have are useful, it's the one thing I don't like about teh Bucknell Board on BasketballU.

Good luck and I look forward to reading and occassionally chiming in.
The Maroon

Well we'll definitely lose the spam and I'll definitely try to weed out the posters who have a clear, hateful agenda but the ads on this thing come at you a mile a minute. I tried to buy the ad-free package last night and it only accepts Euros. I'll figure something out.

Football Luncheon

First , thank you to everyone for all the recruiting info that was posted. I looked forward to reading the new updates as they became available.

I hope we can find out some more info after the luncheon today. I'm
especially interested in the freshmen class, and who can step in and
really help the team next season.

Thanks for putting this together, Maroon Very Happy

Excellent board... good job Maroon!!

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