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Incoming scholarship classes may be the best all around yet

These classes for 2009 matriculation, taken as a whole, may be the best group yet, on the field and off. There is a large share of all state and some even with national attention ( soccer and field hockey). There are at least two potential valedictorians as well.
Given that the school has gone to its wait list for the first time in memory I suspect these student athletes will stand out for their excellence and will be a testament to the scholarship program. We should all be pleased!!
Welcome to these new Leopards!!

Geez, if the students we are getting with athletic scholarships are better than what we are getting throught the normal application process maybe we should offer more athletic scholarships, in more sports, just to keep our USNWR rating up.


More on the power of scholarships:

ESPN lists Alec Golini, AS F/MF  from Rancocas Valley as having already committed to Coach Bohn's class of 2010, continuing the pipeline of talented players from RV.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Recruiting Thread
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