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Jayla Waller transfers to Georgia College

She's going home.

So 6 to give for 2015 recruiting class replacing Hayes, Waller and 4 srs????

I had never heard of Georgia College, so here are a few facts: it's a public liberal arts school with about 5,700 undergraduates. It supports 11 D2 teams, no football. It's in Milledgeville, Waller's hometown.
She played 85 minutes last year, started twice and scored 14 points. When she signed with Lafayette, she talked about wanting to play at D1. In the story above, she doesn't really say why she left but does talk about going home.

Academics?  Homesick?  Lack of playing time?  Who knows?
The Maroon

All-Americans transfer and don't get stories that long!
Best of luck to Jayla. Hope she's happier as a Bobcat!

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