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Bogus Megapardus

Lafayette - "A Slightly Understated Modus Operandi"

I just came across this blog, called "Thinking about College," published in The Almanac - a local newspaper in San Mateo County, California (between San Francisco and Palo Alto).  The authors seem to have been intrigued by the number of local students traveling across county to attend a couple of "L" schools in eastern Pennsylvania, so they paid a visit:

Their impressions are rather favorable.  "If you're considering Occidental, Scripps, or even Pomona, then you should add Lafayette to your list."  What really grabbed me was this observation:
    [Lafayette] offers impressive statistics of 60-65% of students getting full time jobs after graduation and 20-25% off to grad school. It seems to carry all of this off with a slightly understated modus operandi. Perhaps there is a more casual feel because of the level and open geographic lay-out of the 110 acres for only 2,500 undergrads.
Slightly understated modus operandi?  I think this hits the nail directly on the head.  Nothing like it exists in over-the-top, in-your-face California.  Our modest little college produces spectacular graduates with a world-class faculty, competes in Division I sports and consistently holds academic stature with the very top echelon of American colleges and universities.  Understated?  Yes - because it's all in a day's work on College Hill and because we expect it to be that way, year in and year out.  There's no reaching; Lafayette has "been there" for a long, long time.

Nice to read this from way out in sunny California, though.

Our marketing seems to be having a impact. Isn't there a new guy in charge of communications?? Nice job things like this just don't happen.

There have been deliberate efforts on multiple fronts i.e. admissions and communications, to expand our reach.  Bucknell is well known in CA... about time that we be as well...

Very nice.  One of my best friends at Lafayette was from LA, but there were usually only 4-5 Californians a year back in the '80s.

We now have a full time admissions person in CA.  One of the many things I learned while on campus over the weekend.

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