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Franks Tanks

Lafayette prof is denied tenure, embarks on hunger strike

Sounds like the college made a good decision denying this dope tenure.

Two whole days!  Allison staying strong.

2 scrambled, sausage, rye toast over here. I'm stuffed....

Professor Rojo got hungry.  From his facebook:

"To the Lafayette Community and to those who have been following my hunger strike:
I would like to first of all, thank all of those who have offered me their support through this trying process. You have helped beyond what my words can express.
Last night I informed the Board of Trustees that effective Monday September 5, at 10:00AM I will be suspending my hunger strike. I do so in good faith and in recognition of and in gratitude for the faculty’s significant, multifaceted efforts to redress the procedural error in my tenure case, and the even more pressing concerns related to faculty governance that tolerating this error would convey. I remain committed to working with my colleagues, the administration, and the board so that together we can address these and other areas of concern in an effort to strengthen our institution and our educational mission.
I have heard from a number of Lafayette faculty who have urged me to suspend the hunger strike, arguing that they are worried about my health and concerned that continuing this strike would be a potentially distracting hindrance to progress. As I have said all along, this case goes beyond me and my tenure case. At stake is the historic and future role of the faculty in the College’s governance as well as the role the Administration and Board play in relation to academic policy.
Those that know me, know that I do not crave the spotlight. But I felt it important to stand up for myself, my colleagues, and my institution to redress a serious procedural error as well as to protect faculty governance. I remain committed to working with the Lafayette community to move forward in a productive and timely manner."
Bogus Megapardus

"I do not crave the spotlight."


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