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Lehigh/Lafayette line and previews

Lafayette + 23 1/2. Over/under 70 1/2.
Apparently doesn't believe the "You can throw the records out for this game" theory.
A four-score spread, maybe the Pards can make two exceptional plays and Lehigh can make two huge blunders.

Morning Call

Draeland James:

"James will be starting in his third Lafayette-Lehigh game at 12:30 p.m. Saturday. His parents, who have traveled from Florida for every game of his college career ... "
That's impressive.
Pards Rule

I was thinking of the spread this morning before I saw this thread and put it at 24 in my mind!

Brad Wilson review:

The power rushing game Lafayette used to throttle Lehigh in Rivalry 150 has only been on display spottily since., The thought occurs that the supreme athletic ability of 2015 Leopard graduate Ross Scheuerman (now with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the CFL), who set a single-game school rushing record with 304 yards at Yankee Stadium, covered up some fundamental flaws in Lafayette's approach that have become evident with backs not named Scheuerman running the ball.

If you learn more from a loss than from a win our coaches should be the most learned group of coaches in America, However the point can't be missed that  players are not developing and that's on the coaches for recruiting players who have limited upside or for being unable to develop the players who are recruited.Also the tough schedule excuse is cited again but we were blown out  mostly by teams with losing records.(See today's Morning Call)

The genesis of a 23.5-point spread:
NCAA FCS statistics, rankings
Passing offense: Lehigh 5, Lafayette 26 (this is the bright spot)
Rushing offense: Lehigh 53, Lafayette 120 (an improvement)
3rd down conversion, O: Lehigh 6, Lafayette 104
3rd down conversion, D: Lehigh 32, Lafayette 51 (hey!)
Scoring D: Lehigh 35, Lafayette 104
Scoring O: Lehigh, 8, Lafayette 102
Total D: Lehigh 61, Lafayette 90
Total O: Lehigh 9, Lafayette 99

This is ineptness for the ages.
The Maroon

Strange shit has happened in 2016...

The Cavs are the NBA champs, the Cubs won the series and an DT is our President-Elect.

That's my pep talk.

It falls apart quickly with any kind of thinking....but it's all I've got.

A couple runbacks. A couple Lehigh fumbles or picks returned for TDs. A great defensive effort. Drew and Blake excel.
"It could happen!"

The Morning Call's Keith Groller on how Lehigh wins.

And Paul Reinhard's take on how Lafayette wins.

And Brad Wilson's keys to the game.

Good luck guys. Nothing to lose, let it all go. Make us proud!

Kpard wrote:
Good luck guys. Nothing to lose, let it all go. Make us proud!
GoPards beat Lehigh!!!! And Frank please give us an early Christmas gift with your retirement!

I expect Lafayette to play their best game, but in the end -

Lehigh 35, Lafayette 21.

It's a typical Saturday downtown. On the way to the Hill shortly.
There is a little more brown than usual around here.

Taking Lanta Route 214 to the game. This is riding in style indeed!

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