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Limas leaves

Dr. Celestino Limas is going to Heritage University in Washington state as VP of student affairs.

Should we be concerned? I'm not convinced campus life was much to get excited about.

As long as a college has a president who can raise money and a provost who can bang some heads, I don't think the other administrators matter much.
Bogus Megapardus

Didn't Limas resign from Lafayette, like, three years ago?  Took him this long to find a job?

A faulty headline on my part. I don't know when Limas left. He has been around a bit and while at the University of Redlands several years ago had the misfortune to choose a dorm monitor who stole from the dorm according to the Redlands Daily Facts. The school blamed him anyway, though the school also let the student stay.
Well it happens.
I don't think the administrators are that significant though we do have more than our share of "campus leaders."

Lets be honest here Limas was fired for undisclosed reason after less than one year on the job by Weiss. He received one years pay according college financial documents. We can assume policy differences with the president??

How about the fact that he could not put a grammatically complete sentence together, either verbally or written. At least Weiss recognized his mistake early and got rid of him.  No one has been able to explain exactly what Celestino did for the school except ride his bike around campus. It's true, the school has too many administrators, ostensibly so we can say we have the same positions as all the other schools.  No wonder the all-in one year cost for LC has more than doubled in the last 13 years.  Does that mean we will be looking at 120k+ per year by 2028???  Shocked   Like Danny boy said, an education has a price tag.  That price tag will be the next financial crises when all these graduates default on loans.

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