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Live broadcast

Is anyone watching the Patriot League Network live streaming cast of the Lafayette vs. Bucknell game?

It is not working on my computer.... anyone else having problems??

Can't get video feed but Gametracker has us up 7-0

not working for me either

Also looks like we turned over the ball near the goal line, and stats show an Int for Drew. But that's only a guess.

Watching on TCN, Mike Joseph on sideline.

Yes Drew badly under threw should have been TD # 2 for #4.

Colgate is about to beat Fordham. Wow.
Go Gate! Anybody but the Rams!

Bison brought it to their 30 before stalling; punt 44 y with 4 y return. 1st and 10 Pards from our 30.

Listening on:

Touchdown Pards - long run. 14-0.

while trying to get the Leopards on the internet, I came across Fordham up @ Colgate.

Wow, one of the best endings I've seen in a long time.

Colgate knocked off Fordham, first PL loss in a couple years.

Great game , congrats to 'Gate.

Forham had won its previous 10 league games going back to 2013 when those cagey, unpredictable Pards knocked em off.

If anyone gets a chance, try to see the ending to the game. Was amazing.

Hope the Pards are doing well.... BS they can't get the game up on the internet.

Q 1 ends with a 3rd and long for Bison around their 30. Bucknell announcers describe our D as "veterans". Interesting.

Like Desean Brown, kid is a good PL RB. good to see young Oline finding their footing.

Defense seems to have showed up.

Lets keep it rolling

Go Pards.

Its Working -- PLAY BALL.
Lost Again

working link at,  It is free


Video feed is up. We're about to punt from our 21.

Bison running at will. 14-7.

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