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Good luck today to the team - fight hard on the faceoffs and keep the turnovers down

Leopards eat Greyhounds as a snack! Twisted Evil
Bogus Megapardus

Did you know . . .

Loyola's Graham Savio is .584 at FO this season, with 40 GBs.  Lafayette's FOGOs collectively are .329 with a grand total of 12 GBs among them.

Savio won 16 of 21 FOs vs. Lehigh and 20 of 28 FOs vs. Holy Cross.

Thanks Bogie but I didn't want to know... ugh...
Bogus Megapardus

With the Pards ahead 3-1 after the 1st, look now and enjoy.  You won't see it again.

Not a fan of the game, don't know the rules but had time to kill so I watched the first half. My observation is that most of the goals are scored when the goalee or goaler is looking into the sun. That's it, now back to PIAA basketball championships.

the offense is really clicking...the ball is moving as it should be...i would change the goalie...and tryout a football player for fogo

First game in person observations:  

On offense we are not able to find the open man unless we are staring at him.  Like a good point guard or QB you need to look a defender off a bit.  We have mental lapses and lose guys on D way to easily.  And we are way too slow to come off a double and slide back to an open man.  We are slow footed generally but, especially so in middie ranks.   I said earlier they should look at a 10 man ride - that would be a disaster right now.  

Have said my piece on FO.  That's broken and not fixable with current cast. Its impossible to stop a team on a run like Loyala was in during 2nd period if you cant get the damn ball back.  Out of 30 odd faceoffs we may have won 2 or 3 cleanly without scrumming for a loose ball.  Clears were ok yesterday and basic turnovers (dropping the ball or throwing it away) were not the problem.

Was a hopeful start but an all too typical finish, and I am not sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel.   Hard to keep team motivated when in this kind of a spiral.  Sad.

I would leave Lewis sands and Joseph at attack...westby orazietti and round at mid.. Run this line 80% of the time... If you noticed Loyola ran their number 1 line most of the game ... Need to give Falcone a shot... Cortese not seeing the ball.. Defense needs to knock some people on the ground... We play with our sticks way too much... EMO is really clicking... Too bad we are hardly on man up

Great first quarter.  It just shows how possession counts which we had none after the first quarter.  It was a cleaner game with fewer turnovers and better clears.   Would agree with previous posts that Falcone or the freshman goalie get a look.     Man down defense was very good again.

I hope our team is watching Syracuse vs Duke... Dmen use their bodies so efficiently... Also watch how they skip passes

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