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Bogus Megapardus

Manhattan 11, Lafayette 7

Looks like same ol', same ol' for our beloved Pards. Congrats to the Jaspers and Coach Steve Manitta on his first win up in Riverdale.

It doesn't get any easier from here.

Nice to hear from you, Bogie.  Still in recovery mode from Sandy?
Bogus Megapardus

To tell you the truth, I'd pretty much given up on Lafayette College in general.  Then we went to the Bucknell/Lafayette basketball game the other day.  

That experience sort of restored my faith - until we decided to walk across the Quad on the garishly-colored "Crook'd Path" that was laid in the place of Quad Drive.  A preeminent engineering college ought not, when making a first impression, boast of a grand, new pedestrian thoroughfare that looks as if was installed by Mrs. Dimwitowicz's second grade remedial studies class.  I was completely embarrassed in front of my guests, who couldn't help but to snicker.

Nevertheless, I will be at the Lehigh BBall game on Sunday.  I have to wonder, though, will next year's newly-installed bleachers be square and straight - or even level?  Or are French Literature majors going to be entrusted with "equal opportunity" in place of qualified Architects and Civil Engineers?

I'd hate to spill my Dr. Pepper.

Cant speak to your complaints but, it is nice to see you back even if in a bad mood. Hope all is getting better for you and your family. Laid up for a bit, so cant make game. Will be at lax games tho.

0-4 in man ups in Q4 and -7 in turnovers - thats got to improve.  Would think we can win v Wagner.....after that, just dont know.

Just looking at stats makes it hard to judge, but low percentage of assists to goals and the high turnover numbers lead me to wonder if the root of the problem isnt in the middie ranks.   We are fairly young in that area so perhaps it improves - something has to.....

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