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0 for 8 on man up situations and 5-29 on faceoffs is not going to win you a whole lot of games.   Marist is not a team we should be losing to - nor was Providence for that matter.

Hope to heck we can put away Holy Cross on Saturday - maybe only "good" chance of winning from here out.

Re: Marist

seenalot wrote:
0 for 8 on man up situations and 5-29 on faceoffs.

That 5-29 in an unbelievable stat and clearly decided the game.    Prior to the game, Marist's FO guy was 40% for the year, while Munoz was about 50% against better competition.    What happened?

Yeah, EMO has been a problem all year.  Currently, the Pards man-up offense is #55 (out of 60 D1 teams) at a paltry 17% which is behind Wagner and Holy Cross.  In these close games, you really need to be able to score at least some of the time on EMO.  It's hard to know what's been going on with the face-off game lately.  Dugan from Marist had only been winning 40% of face-offs prior to last night but then he totally dominates Munoz (although Cesar did play well at o middie).  In overall shooting percentage, Lafayette is now #51 with a 24% goals per shot percentage.  Other categories in which Laf is near the bottom are #47 in assists per game, #50 in points per game, #56 in ground balls per game, and are at the very bottom (#60) in caused turnovers per game.  The only categories in which they are in the top twenty are saves per game and turnovers.  These statistics highlight some systemic problems with this year's squad - and perhaps the program more generally - that cannot easily be corrected.  I fear the Holy Cross game is going to turn out much like the Marist and Providence games the way things are heading.  I sure hope I am wrong.  i know the guys must be very tired of losing especially to teams on the bottom.

Have no insights and only asking those who might know some of the team - but have they stopped playing for Terry?

Was not there so not sure Ceasar handled all face-offs - that stat and the man up nonsense simply jumped off the page at me.

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