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Massey Ratings

The preseason Massey Ratings for Lafayette and teams on its schedule:

26 Fordham (1.03)
29 W&M (1.02)
31 Harvard (1.01)
51 Delaware (0.82)

63 LAFAYETTE (0.71)

65 Bucknell (0.71)
68 Wagner (0.69)
69 Colgate (0.67)
73 Holy Cross (0.64)
81 Lehigh (0.56)
83 Princeton (0.52)

Other Lafayette predictions:

Strength of Schedule = 67 (of 125)

Predicted No. of Wins = 5.37
Predicted No. of Losses = 5.63

And for our friends in Bethlehem:

Strength of Schedule = 72

Predicted No. of Wins = 4.50
Predicted No. of Losses = 6.50

That's about where we stand. We can be anywhere from 8 wins to 3 wins. Rest is up to us.

WM, Fordham, Delaware and dare I say Harvard are all winnable games.

Princeton is a loss.

Bucknell will be tough.

Could be depressed until I remember that thie ratings are all based on last year's roster and stats.  New seasom ,new hopes for both of us.Smile

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