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Men's Basketball Banquet

The men's basketball banquet was held last night with a capacity crowd in attendance. While the event lasted 3 and 1/2 hours, it was hilarious as the seniors reminiscence on the highs and lows of their four year careers. One story involving Alan Flannigan (Missouri) and Mike Hoffman (Texas) about rodeos and hillbillys resulted in Coach O referring to them as Appalachain Americans.

Dan Trist took a beating from the other seniors but rebounded with some classics of his own. Seth Hinrichs did impersonations of the other seniors and a few underclassmen. Each of the seniors recalled their freshmen season and their learning Coach O's coaching style and tactics. It seems he is not only a great coach but also pretty good at turning kids into men.

Both Dan and Seth hope to play in Europe.

Now, for my friend Refrider, who spent the night at the casino and called me at 3:00am to pick him up. here's the tentative schedule (subject to change):

11/13 @ George Washington
11/17 TBA
11/21 NJIT
11/23 @ LaSalle
11/25 @ Princeton
11/29 Pennsylvania
12/2 St Francis, Brooklyn
12/5 @ Cornell
12/9 Fairleigh Dickinson
12/13 @ Sacred Heart
12/23 @ Southern California
12/30 @ Colgate
1/2 Loyola
1/6 Army
1/9 @ Boston U
1/13 Holy Cross
1/16 @ Navy
1/20 American
1/23 Lehigh
1/27 @ Bucknell
1/30 @ Loyola
2/3 Army
2/6 Boston U
2/10 @ Holy Cross
2/13 Navy
2/17 @ American
2/20 @ Lehigh
2/24 Bucknell
2/27 Colgate
3/1 PL 1st round
3/3 PL Quarters
3/6 PL Semis
3/9 PL Championship @ Lafayette Smile

Trip out to LA. Nice.

Thanks for the schedule post!

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