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Men's Soccer - LaSalle

The guys came  back from a goal down to win 2-1.  The team seems to have turned around and begun to score just in time for the PL Season.  Good stuff.

How is Vale doing? He is part of the Central Bucks East contingency and one of the best players in Bucks County soccer in recent years.

So, men scored as many goals in the last 3 games as they did in the previous 20. Who flicked the switch?'  Very Happy   Congrats. Hope to see them get LafCol soccer back in the league playoffs.

No clue but would love to know.   Dennis inserted more of the frosh into the mix - perhaps they have given us better control of the mid-field where we were lacking in the one game I saw live (Fairfield).   There we had very little in the way of build up or linking from back line to guys top.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> All Other Sports
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