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Men's T & F team beat Lehigh

Here's some good news.  The Lafayette men's Track and Field team defeated the Lehigh men's Track and Field team 101-98 by winning the last event, the 4 by 400 relay.  The women's team lost by a significant amount, primarily to a lack of depth in the longer running events.

Hopefully, Mr. Andy will update his chart.

Yes, was checking the results last night ( back from vacation).  Congrats, Pards!

I was surprised to see a name from the past - our javelin winner was Mike Moralle who was a highly touted Safety recruit, same year as Sakowski, I believe.

Skid Marks' take on things prior to track meets:

Good for the track team - and to pull it out on the final event, even better.

My Lehigh buddy who is an avid track fan texted me to say that he was surprised LC won but added his congratulations.

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