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Met the staff today

Met the coaching staff today and sat in on a scouting meeting for the game against Jen Rizotti and her Hartford team.

Very impressed with Coach Grentz and her staff.  There is hope for the future as they recruit tall, athletically gifted good students who want a D-1 Program with strong academics.

This program has no where to go but up.

We will have to bear some pain in the meantime. But agree. I like the attitude and her recruits look good!!

Statistically, they are scoring about 13 more points per game. They shoot slightly better than us and grab a few more rebounds per game. Defensively our opponents shoot about 8% better than Hartford's. To win, we will need to shoot better, especially threes and foul shots and play better defense. All of Hartford's games have been determined by 4 points or less.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Women's Basketball
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