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Michigan and lax expansion... what are we NOT doing?

Great article from Saturday's NYT...
Franks Tanks

Re: Michigan and lax expansion... what are we NOT doing?

Pard4Life wrote:
Great article from Saturday's NYT...

I believe Furman is also adding D-I lax.  It will be an attractive school for players-- warm weather, beautiful campus, and respected academics.  We need to make a move now or forever be relegated to an also ran as new schools ramp up in Lax.
Bogus Megapardus

A lot of big schools have "virtual varsity" lacrosse programs.  The programs are funded by the school or have large capital programs, but they don't have scholarships.  In other words, they look a lot like Lafayette's program.

Most big name that play lacrosse have been playing for quite some time.  Maryland, Virginia, Duke, North Carolina, Rutgers, Syracuse and Notre Dame have been at it for a while.  Some familiar name formerly played varsity lax but then dropped it for Title XI or budget reasons - Boston College, UConn, W&M, Bowling Green, Michigan State, NC State, Butler and New Hampshire.

St. Bonaventure recently added lacrosse, as have a few others.  But for the most part, the field has remained pretty steady.  Michigan could be considered a "traditional" kind of school that will do well recruiting lacrosse kids.  There are always lots of rumors at the big school (South Carolina, Miami, Florida, Georgia Tech) about "going Division I" but it doesn't happen.

When big schools like Michigan add lacrosse, they do it with full scholarships an unfathomable facilities - stuff Lafayette cannot or is unwilling to match.  Indoor turf facilities for winter lacrosse training are essential to any successful program.  Many Division III schools have them.  Lafayette not only lacks such facilities, but is relegated to a scholarship-less existence on a wet, astroturf slab out on a wind-swept tundra.  Not too exciting for recruits.

The only thing Lafayette has is history.  Lafayette ALWAYS has had Division I lacrosse.  A hundred years worth.  Butch Van Breda Kolff used to coach lacrosse at Lafayette, believe it or not.  It's the "kind of school" at which one expects to find a successful, thriving program.  Instead, it muddles along.  It needs a dynamic, articulate coach and recruiting staff that knows HS lacrosse inside and out, plus indoor turf, plus the ability to play all games at Fisher.

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