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The Maroon

More of the Same So Far

Anybody else wondering why Annette Snow - a 5'11 player with a nice 3 - has been buried in our bench until 3 games ago? (OK - she was getting about 7 mpg as opposed to the 26 she's getting in league games.)
That's what drives me insane about this program - WE NEVER SEEM TO KNOW WHO WE ARE!
Anybody else wondering why we can't get excited about early good showings from this team?
0-3 in the league when two of those teams are the service academies and the other was at Sojka isn't a huge deal - the problem is, it really doesn't get much easier. PL women's hoops isn't what it used to be (in a good way!) Beyond those Hoops Haters in Hamilton all of these programs are good. And while I just said losing at Bucknell isn't horrible - the fact is they aren't that good either. We're now on a six-game losing streak
I think we're looking at 6-12 (give or take 1) in the league. I expected more at this point.  The Boston U game is huge.

Continued Losing

Sorry to offend anyone but what does Diane Nolan have to show for 5 years? Admittedly she recruits better calibre players but they are nowhere near being even a 500 team. Year after year with the same losing result.Last night's game was a sad joke.The look on the new assistant's face said all that needed to be said when the buzzer sounded.Pure disgust.The team has no idea of how to execute to put a game away.They just withered at the end when no one could make a shot to stop the bleeding.The game winner if I remember correctly was scored by a player who had not yet made a basket the entire season.Every stretch of good play is wiped away by stretches of terrible play.I can't conclude that the problem is anything other than coaching.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Women's Basketball
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