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Navy at Lafayette

Another loss due to inability to defend the other team's last possession- this time for 6 seconds. They are playing better but seem to be one player away. Unfortunately the same can be said of Fran's team and that player is Monty . Having Monty's 10 points a game could make the men more competitive. Unfortunately Nolan left the cupboard nearly bare The women and the women don't have that player on the bench.The loss could also be blamed on the first half turnover fest. If they scored two points on only 1\3 of those empty possessions they would have had 10 more points. But that's "woulda , coulda , shoulda."

The story of the season.

Alternative facts

Kellyanne must be your source!  Lutz, Ptasinski, Ottewill-Soulsby, Stipa, Hood were Coach Nolan's recruits and are still on the roster. Your scurrilous comments do nothing to encourage the players to remain committed to give their all.  My apologies if I missed any players who were recruited by Coach Nolan and remain on the roster.  You and your parents remember.

Yup, even if you give Grentz full credit for the sophomores - which is probably unfair to Coach Nolan - every major contributor in yesterday's game except for Gumbs signed or otherwise agreed to come to Lafayette when Coach Nolan was running the show.

Say what you will about the talent level overall, but to say that Coach Nolan left the cupboard bare is false.

My point is that Coach Nolan left a team except for three players that lost 20 games in a row this year and won only 7 games last year .

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Women's Basketball
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