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Not sure what to say about this one.  I did not see it due to a dinner commitment.  Maybe someone can shed some light on what happened.

Well, you are the WBB Guru and we expected a report from you.

I wasn't there, but looking at the box score, Navy took the lead after two minutes and lead the rest of the way. As usual we had a lot of TOs (21) but Navy had a lot also (20).  Navy shot 42% from the floor, 40% beyond the arc. We shot 32% from the floor and only 7% from beyond the arc. I think that about sums it up.

Patent Pending
Ransom Stoddard

Same story - our lack of movement /consistency on offense killed us - 48 points is not going to get it done.  It did not help that Ottewill-Soulsby was out and Ribarich had limited minutes after rolling her ankle, and that Navy hit 10 of 25 three-pointers (40%) (we were 1-14 (7%) from beyond the arc).  With regard to offense, I was surprised to see we actually rank 5th in PL games in scoring average (58.6), but are 2nd to worst in average points allowed (66.2).  I don't think defense is as big a problem as offense.

Good to see Ellen Graham got some minutes.

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