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Bogus Megapardus

NCAA Final

OK, so the Pards came up just a bit short in the Dance.  At least we were there.  But this Duke vs. Wisconsin final is quite a show.

I keep dreaming of having Frank Kaminsky in our front court.  Wouldn't that be . . . nah.  Sorry.  Rolling Eyes
Bogus Megapardus

I hate Duke.

The call on the out of bounds near the end that gave the ball to Duke was a potential six point turn around. Terrible call considering they should have seen it on the replay.

On the other hand better foul shooting in the beginning of the game by the badgers would have been the difference as well.

Yawn! Puke again. Is it just me or does anyone find it peculiar that after coach K tells the sideline reporter they need to get Wisconsin to foul more, the team that never fouls gets blown for one on 5 straight Duke possession. 6 out of 7 actually then an offensive foul on a flop, which the NCAA told us they weren't calling this year. Oh, that's right, it's ok, it's The Gawdalmighty Coach K & Dukies!  
I repeat, YAWN!

No interest in any of this after that monumental upset in Pittsburgh on the first Thursday of the tournament.

At least we had Wisconsin to root for... Kentucky vs Duke? Shows you what's wrong with college basketball and the NBA.  Wisconsin lost it at the end but the blown call didn't help.

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