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The Maroon

New Thread - Current Events?

I rarely visit other boards. I don't have the time. Nevertheless I was on the HC board sending a message to "Reality" letting him know he's welcome back. I shouldn't have deleted him without at least hearing him out.

I noticed on the HC board they have a thread for "General Discussion." Unlike our "whatever else" thread this one covers topics from Penn State to politics.

This is a sports forum - but I wouldn't mind hearing you guys weigh in on the issues as I'm sure you could provide insight beyond todays "watch whatever station tells you that your position is right" mentality.

Still - this is a sports forum. I will add a thread if at least 12 people vote yes and that they will contribute. And even then - if it gets to be predictable (ie six people argue Fox's position every time they post and the other six argue MSNBC's every time they post) then I don't see the point.

Let's see how the voting goes. Obviously if notoby votes than I'll know the answer!
Bogus Megapardus

I think that the "Whatever Else" section covers it pretty well.  We've discussed a whole bunch of things there.  Of necessity, I think that anything posted on this board will have at least a tangential relationship with Lafayette, though.

So I'm voting "no," but only becasue I think that the existing framework has got it covered.

Not my business but I dont see the necessity as Pards are well known for their knack of taking any thread on any topic off in multiple and often fascinating directions. Why attempt to structure that ability? Shocked
The Maroon

It's safe to say this one doesn't have legs. We'll leave the partisan bickering to our friends in Worcester.

You may not want to hear carney's political views, but you NEED to hear them.

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