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NIce article on inside lacrosse

Nice article on the Leopards in inside Lacrosse magazine. They are ranked 30 th pre-season. Coach Mangan is looking forward to payback with Drexel as he saw last year's loss as the beginning of their slide. They will follow that game with Army who was undefeated in the PL last year.

Anyone with more info on the team? Are we rebuilding/reloading. Has coach hired a new staff yet?? Who are the players to watch. What are their key needs???

2011 Patriot League Men's Lacrosse Preseason Poll
1. Army - 78 points (12 first-place votes)
2. Navy - 58 points (1)
3. Bucknell - 51 (1)
4. Colgate - 39
5. Lehigh - 31
6. Lafayette - 30
7. Holy Cross - 13
Bogus Megapardus

We will be better that Colgate and possibly Lehigh, but not Bucknell or the Academies.  HC essentially plays D3 lacrosse.  They're awful.  

The loss to graduation of Steve Serling cannot be overstated.  That said, we have a huge freshman class, which is nice to see.

I am reminded in looking at these rankings that American University, inexplicably, still does not field a Men's lacrosse team.  Shame on them.

EDIT - Having said that, it appears that AU has started a competitive club lacrosse team with a real coach.  Maybe there's hope yet.

F(orget) AU (clean version).  They will build their program into a power like Field Hockey while we dink and doo with need-based aid.  I would love to kick them out of the Patriot but we can't exactly do that right now.

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