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The Maroon

Note About New Registrations!

Not long ago approval to this forum was automatic once you submitted your registration information. This is the method I would prefer as obviously we'd like to get more people involved in the discussion and nobody wants to have to wait for approval in order to post.

However spammers have gotten more sophisticated and can easily get through the "captcha" process and begin posting their crap. So I was forced to change to a process where I manually approve new registrations.

I haven't always gotten to them as quickly as I would like - I am working on that.


Please give a valid e-mail address - IE, one that you actually use. That's the most important aspect. If you register as I am just going to assume you are a bot or a spammer.

You are more than welcome to private message me when you register so that I can expedite getting your account active.

I do not need to know your real name - but I can assure you that NOBODY is going to find out such information from me.  This board IS read by student-athletes, parents, faculty and administration as well as media - make no mistake about that.  There's more information on here than some are comfortable with. I am always mindful of the student athletes and if I find something has no basis whatsoever in fact I will remove it - but I have only had to remove a handful of posts over the years.

Please don't let the "new" registration process dissuade you - I'd like to see us get over 400 users by this time next year!!!

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