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Whatever else
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We have the best sports information dept in the league
New Director of Admissions
chi phi fight is escalating
KDR gone
Art Rothkopf to return to Lafayette to lead!!!
Congrats to the graduates!
Theatre program at UNC Greensboro under the Axe
What is the truth???
Just to alert everyone today is the campus dog show
Chi Phi situation heating up
Great Old Lafayette Photos
New Buildings
Laural Peffer anounces resignation
Chi Phi will start recruiting this spring
Another Blow to the Leopard Ego
According to the New York Times today our apps were down
I hope I'm not becoming pollyanish....
Lafayette's Resources
Fiji Redux
If you could choose one upset...
Is a winning record part of a coaches evaluation??
Do we provide a division one product?
Rothkopf returns
Whats with the lack of student attendance???
April 16
Lafayette vs Lehigh tally 2011
F.M.Kirby seized by Homeland Security
Giving has dropped from 42-34 pct in last few years
Why doesn't Weis just say we are DIV 1 to stay??
New article in on line addition of Easton Express
An open letter
Paranoia is alive and well
It Ain't Easy Being Us
How Are BoT Members Appointed?
More assistants on the job market
More numbers to ponder.
When Did It Begin; Where Did It Come From?
conference Call of class agents for annual fund tonight
What a screwed up corporate structure11
Changes to Harvard's governing board
Lafayette ED apps up 56% from last year
Umass to go to BCS
Monmouth's New Arena
Exactly What Is It That We Do Well?
Myths accepted by BOT,Faculty, and college President
What happens to the pl now??
The graduation rate for athletes at Lafayette is 97 pct
Is the clock ticking on Weiss?
Greek Life Working Group Alumni Survey
Plans for Art Complex unveiled
profile for the freshman class
Rice Univ. Contemplated Patriot League
New College Web Site
US NEWS Rankings
Lafayette Leopard's Lair
2010 Hall of Fame inductees
Georgetown Hoyas
Dream job for Carney2
College is considering forcing Greeks to be co ed.
Did anyone attend reunion and hear Weis' Speech
Did D-I sports play a part in your decision to attend Laf?
Lafayette reports they have exceeded enrollment goals by 30
President's Cup
Rothkopf to return
New Trustees
The rest of the scholarship story
Cy Fleck passes on
Should we have direct elections for trustees??
BAM! Wow...
Commencement Speaker
Yield up discount down at Lafayette
Bruce comes through
Sad news from Penn
Ed Ahart to be new chair of BOT
Another Million Down the Drain
How about a new AD at Lafayette
"Scholarship athletes record poor GPA performances"
The Lafayette dumps on scholarships
Does Anonymity Bring Out the Worst?
John Fry- Lafayette alumnus to become president of Drexel
Rumor that Lafayette will soon have a new chair for BOT
Old dominion football
Moravian ends off-campus housing; drops lacrosse
Dartmouth resumes layoffs; suspend "no-loan" polic
Patriot League Expansion!!!!!
Diversity Dean Quits!!!
Where Were You?!!
Weis announces early retirement and Furlough program
Duquesne Cuts 4 Men's Varsity Sports
Post 'em if you got 'em...
BIG Announcment. Whatever Might It Be?
Vote for the Top Patriot League Story of the Decade
Just got an online Survey sent to me via e-mail
You will not beleive this!!!
Lafayette o Pay $1.2 Million in Sexual Harassment Case
Is anybody else getting tired of the interviews with athlete
FY09 Endowment Loss Comparisons...
Presidents Favor Reining In Athletics Costs but .....
Colleges officially purchases the hub cap building for 600k
I'll let you all comment on this
Passing of Bob Yohe
Lafayette's Master Plan...
Princeton announces layoffs
This may be the last straw for me!!
Lafayette to offer Scholarships.....
Article on President Weiss in the NY Times
Investment Advisors for fiscal 2008 cost 805,000 dollars
Got my letter over the is official...
Phi Gam gone??
Information on Robert Massa is insight on administration
More drama you could only find in Easton
Sort of getting tired of all this
The Hubcap Store is back in the News.....
Nw Trustees
Sinking like a rock
Should we donate this year?
A new much is this costing??
Dean Worthen is leaving
Weis sends Message to Staff and Faculty detailing cuts
Cuts in athletic scholarships and aid being considered
More cuts to come!!!
Record vs lehigh
We have the most bloated management in the Patriot League
Fraternities at Lafayette
holy Cross officially announces scholarships in 4 sports
A Few More Good Words About Joe Maddon
Just noticed this...
13 Reason Colleges are in this mess
Tuition goes up 4.5 pct fees for room and board 4.81 pct
Easton - P'Burg to replay 1993 game that ended in tie
Colgate's President stepping down; moving on to Swarthmore
Johns Hopkins Freezes hiring and Salaries,and will cut Admin
College acquires gas station near the WAWA for $742,000
Bizzare encounter
Can you still get the school newspaper online??
Harvard Alumni ask Endowment mangers for a refund
There is no doubt the investment strategy was reckless
All Time Leopard Men's Basketbal Team
How Much Did Lafayette Cost In Your Day?
More Madoff fallout
Cuts to the athletic budget
Losses acknowledged by Weis to be over 200 mio
Franklin Raines should have Lafayette degree recinded
A Lafayette Quiz
Marquis Society Letter
Harvard reports to AP "at least an 8 billion dollar dro
Where's the outrage???
This was the fall of almost but not quite
Lafayette audit report from Grant Thorton available online
2 IvyLeague Schools Announce Hiring Freeze
The beat goes on with a new AI calculation
E amail to the Staff
Security at the Metzger parking lot.
portfolio taking a large hit
Memory Lane...
This Pisses me off!!
"Safety School"
We create and hire a new VP for diversity and community enga
New PL AI guidelines
Shafaattullah Khan arrested
BOT Transparency
Use football Field for Graduation
This has been the year of "almost not quite"
I'm just throwing it out there!!
Interesting story for Hobart Lacrosse
Pepper Prize
Discussion of Scholarships at Holy Cross (LFN)
Is this former Lafayette Great Tom Costello
Kamine Varsity House
Lafayette Letter on Need--Related to Tuition Hike
Third Street Property Article
Leopard statue
College to raise tuition 7.3pct
Marquis Society Letter
Academic Index revisions
Harvard might as well have scholarships
Presidents Meeting
Could someone please explain how scholarships and the AI are
Expansion, Scholarships and the Academic Index
New Planning Document is now Available
Scrutinizing Us
New Fundraising
Why choose Lafayette?
Track & Field
Lafayette buys another property
There is a new Strength and Conditioning Coach
Aid spent on Female athletes 3rd lowest in Div 1
Follow up to the US News rankings
Radio Affiliation
New Trustees?
Reduction in school population and the AI
Ivy League admissions crunch = more for us
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