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Ok, now what?

What's next on the horizon for the program following a Cinerella season, albeit disappointing end?

Had not seen recruits posted anywhere yet - curious to see if they improve reflecting better recognition w/in high school and club ranks.

Lots of points to re-load and lots of leadership to find.  Older Serling has a year of eligibility, but thats a hard and sometimes expensive call to make.

Back up keeper has the pedigree, but with as many minutes as the seniors logged this year who knows.

Perini is a marked man so someone else needs to step up on attack besides just the younger Serling.

Watched tape of Navy game and we need to find someone willing to throw body a bit more.  Not suggesting dirty or stupid physical play, but you can't let hits to the head of a teammate just roll off your shoulders without someone stepping up and returning a message.

Agree with you seenalot, especially the last point. We need help on the defensive side. It will be interesting to see our recruits but in fairness many recruits have pretty much decided where they are going by early spring so any effect will happen next year not this year's entering class except for some who didn't get in where they thought they wanted to go.
We can't help but see an improvement in our incoming class.

men's lacrosse recruiting is typically largely completed very early (earlier than men's hoops).  commitments start in the Junior year and many schools have there class pretty well assembled before Senior year begins.

Recruits2010 Database
E=early signing  S=spring signing
ID Div Name Hometown State HighSchool HS_St Position Status College

179 1 Andrusko, Andrijko Yardley PA Holy Ghost Prep PA Goalie E Lafayette

204 1 Galione, Mike Ridgefield CT Ridgefield CT Attack E Lafayette

215 1 Lanzaro, Andrew Westport CT Staples/Choate Rosemary Hall CT Attack E Lafayette

482 1 Rice, Kyle Owings Mills MD McDonogh MD Attack E Lafayette

494 1 Mann, Jake Naperville IL Naperville Central IL Attack/Midfield E Lafayette

496 1 O'Toole, Sean Edina MN Benilde-St. Margaret's MN Midfield E Lafayette

662 1 Ahsler, Mac Chatham NJ Chatham NJ Defense E Lafayette

668 1 Floyd, John Shaker Heights OH University School OH Midfield/Attack E Lafayette

1870 1 Hyatt, Jake Ridgefield CT Berkshire School MA Goalie S Lafayette

Not sure about the derivation of the "ID" number,  whether it reflects some kind of rating or rather merely when the kid signed or became known to this site (, however, it's clear that generally the lower the # the better the player, as Cuse and Hopkins kids are mostly single and double digit.

With that in mind, it appears that Lehigh's class is quite superior to ours as seven of their recruits have numbers lower than our lowest numbered recruit.  We shall see if this year's success helps to close the gap next recruiting season.   (If anyone has knowledge of the ID system, I'd appreciate an explanation.)
Pard Promise

3077 1 Thul, Garrett Flemington NJ Hunterdon Central/Army Prep NJ Attack R Army

...last year's #3077 was this year's ROY.

Pard Promise wrote:
3077 1 Thul, Garrett Flemington NJ Hunterdon Central/Army Prep NJ Attack R Army

...last year's #3077 was this year's ROY.

Interesting, however, not sure his ID number was assigned in a traditional manner inasmuch as he was already in the Army system after a year at MAPS. (Status listed as R (recruit) as many of their's are and none of ours).

Lacrosse does assign ##, I think partly a ranking and partly when they are signed. Better players signed earlier therefore lower ##. Cassese has done a great recruiting job since he has been HC. Played mostly frand so this year and his next class potentially even better. He has gotten some kids vs a bunch of top 20 teams. The kid Sands from Conn. he got over some ACC teams.

LC has gotten some very good classes will still be good butyoung next yrlike usthis yr. Navy Army and BC are still the teams to beat but entire PL has improved remarkably over the last 3-4 yrs.

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