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The Maroon

OK....I missed one

My hope for this season was 10 wins. While missing this goal by a game or two wouldn't be a big deal in terms of the fact that we are pretty young and our best players a frosh, I have to admit I don't like the fact that we are regressing.

I am confused as to what's going on with Macklin. A lot of like her game so its good she's starting but 9 minutes?

I am worried that these girls might be getting down on themselves.

Lafflumm, I am 99% sure you are a parent of one of the girls by the nature of your posts and I understand how frustrating it is to feel that a coach is going in the wrong direction but saying things like coach Nolan has quit on the team and is playing for something other than winning crosses a line.

Question her decicions, her offense, her use of certain players, whatever she is doing in terms of coaching the team. That's what we are about on the LSFF.  But this board is not about denigrating anyones character.

Please refrain from such comments going forward.

In the meantime I would love to hear your take. You have plenty of value to add.

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