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Ransom Stoddard

One point loss to Loyola

Tough loss, but, overall, I thought this was the team's best game this year.  More good than bad for once.  Loyola was terrible at the beginning, but boy did they start playing well and executing their offense - though rated not much better than us in the preseason poll, they looked strong coming off of a win against American on 12/30.  But our kids hung in there and got the lead at the end.  We shot 51% from the field.  That last play was a 50-1 shot that worked - hard to take issue with the defense at the end - it was just a great play by Loyola.  It was Ottewill-Soulsby's best game ever.  All the starters played well.  Cantwell really stood out with her strong defensive play.  The most glaring negative was a lack of any contribution from the bench.    Hopefully we can build off of this loss.

Well,Wednesday won't be easy. Army 10-2 coming off a loss to Bucknell after knocking off a pretty good Lehigh last week.


Andy wrote:

To make it even worse, LC was the victim of an awful rule change implemented just this year.  Loyola, instead of having to inbound under their own basket with 2 seconds left, was allowed to advance the ball,down to the LC end to inbound.  Without that rule change, LC almost surely wins.   It is the same rule the NBA uses - designed to increase excitement at the expense of fairness.

This was also on the ESPN Top 10 last night Sad

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