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Passing of Walter Oeschle

Walter was a great friend of the college and of athletics. He was an early advocate of scholarships once the rest of league went that way,he resigned his position on the BOT and demanded that Rothkopf resign offering to pay his salary 3x over in protest. The guy was my hero.
He continued to support the college with his famous donations for neuroscience and the global studies building, but few people knew of his intense interest in athletics and his generosity.
The college rightfully recognized him finally, by making him an emeritus member of the BOT. He will be missed as a giant influential alumnus that few can claim to be!!

Walter Oechsle helped make Lafayette the great institution it is. Even when the sports teams are down, Lafayette is a great school and a fine institution because of people like him.  
I took my youngest son, then 12 and reading about the old Soviet Union in school, to the Gorbachev lecture that Oechsle sponsored. That was a remarkable opportunity this benefactor provided.

Mr. Oechsle's passing is a major loss for the College (and his family of course).  He made a large impact on the issues that interested him - including athletics.  We need more alums like him

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