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Patriot League Coaching Changes

There has been a significant amount of shakeup in the usually stable Patriot League this off season. Obviously our entire staff, save Coach McFadden, will be new to the Bourger Varsity Fieldhouse. And we poached a coach from GTown who will be going through a bit of a staff change up as a result.

Lehigh just named a new OC and DC going into the new year. Folmar left for Elon, so Coen named Brisson (the former WR coach) as the new QB Coach and OC. The mountain hawk DBs coach also got a promotion to DC with the older Botts staying on as LBs coach and Sr. Consultant.

I know Holy Cross changed Defensive Coordinators last season, and Bucknell may have had some turnover at some of the lower assistant positions. But outside of that am I missing any others?

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