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Patriot League Poll

Held today at Green Pond Country Club (LCLF may have more info as he spends most of his day there trying to break 90). Votes by coaches and sports information personnel:

Team                                  Total points       First Place points

Colgate                                     70                      10
Fordham                                   63                        3
Holy Cross                                47                         1
Lehigh                                      47                         0
Bucknell                                   31                         0
Lafayette                                  19                         0
Georgetown                              17                         0

Speaking of polls, the AP came out with a Top 100 list of all-time programs.
Apparently three titles didn't make the grade.
Among current FCS schools on the list and one service team, W&M, Columbia (?), Iowa Pre-Flight, Duquesne, several Ivies and Holy Cross. We never played Iowa Pre-Flight.
Lafayette, no, Lehigh was also left out.

Three seasons.

A more positive PL squad:

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