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Pards lead by 14 with 15 to play 2nd half.

Yes, but it has been all Penn ever since. Lead is down to two. Other than Joey and Dan, no one doing much of anything.

Seth seems to be out of sync

Looks like Pards woke up just in time. Rufer was a difference maker tonight.  He needs to play more.  Seth was invisible on offense at times.  Doesn't seem to have the swagger that he had before he got hurt last year.

Still contributed (seven rebounds, four assists) but the lack of offense is surprising. Made a bunch of free throws down the stretch to pad stats but it is not the Seth of old.

That's wins over Penn three years in a row? I don't recall that happening in the last 35 years.

What was the score? It's not on ESPN for some reason,


Just back from the Palestra. Tonight's contest was a very physical. I've seen better refereeing in playground games. We jumped out to a 45-30 halftime lead behind Dan's 14 and Joey's 12 point first halfs. It was apparent from the beginning that Penn's strategy was to take Seth out of the game and keep Nick from getting to the basket.

The second half was even more physical than the first but we didn't panic.  Penn closed the gap a couple of times but we were able to hold them off with Seth's six straight foul shots and Nicks getting to the basket.

There's nothing wrong with Seth he played a smart game and didn't force anything.

Coach O used 10 players and nine of them scored.

Last night the scotch was a bit smoother than normal going down.  Flushed the brown turds and beat Penn in the Palestra.   Might be best day in LC sports in a long time....and maybe this BB team can put up a few might like it - will figure a way to get some more scotch.

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