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Up 47-44 at halftime in the home opener.  I was eating dinner, didn't catch any of it.

Up by ten with nearly ten to play.  We look pretty good.
Franks Tanks

Joey P is on fire.  5 triples and 21 overall.

I'm impressed. This could be a season to remember. I think I hear a band on wagon outside my house!!

Wins over Princeton in any sport are to be totally enjoyed.  And a rout - to make it even sweeter!

Robert Morris beat Bradley tonight and the PL went 5-0.

Some interesting stats: Our 5 starters scored 82 of the 83 points, we need to get more production from the bench. All 5 starters in double digits. We forced 17 turnovers and turned them into 27 points. On to the Palestra.

We performed very well on offense throughout the game -- at least our starters did.  On defense, we allowed Princeton to hit for a high percentage in the first half -- especially from 3, where they did a lot of damage.  We defended their shots a lot more effectively in the second half, which enabled us to pull away during the last ten minutes.  We played man-to-man the whole night, after showing a 2-3 zone for significant amounts of the portion of the Robert Morris game that I saw.

One thing we did well on defense throughout the game was to get deflections and steals.  I saw in Fran's comments after the game that he noted the number of deflections we got.  Even before he made that comment, I was thinking that I couldn't remember us deflecting the ball that frequently in a long time.  We also had 10 steals, which led to a number of fast-break baskets.  

In the first half, we gave up too many good looks from 3, particularly to Brase and Wiesz of Princeton.  When Trist was matched up against Brase -- sometimes on switches, he had trouble covering Brase at the 3-point line.  Other times, Princeton was able to free up their 3-point shooters off of ball screens -- although I thought the screen that Brase set for Wiesz to set up the 3-pointer that Princeton hit just before the end of the half clearly was a moving screen.  PU's ability to hit for a high percentage from 3 enabled them to keep the game close in the first half, even though we were playing well on offense ourselves.  In the second half, we focused on defending the 3, and the Tigers didn't get nearly as many good looks, hitting only one 3 in the 2nd half.  We continued to get a good number of deflections and steals.

Each of our starters is a capable scorer, and having so many scorers on the floor at the same time makes us difficult to defend for teams at our level.  Bryce Scott got us off to a strong start with two early 3-pointers.  Trist also scored very well in the first half, although both Bryce and Dan struggled to score in the 2nd half.  Hinrichs and Lindner played well on offense in both halfs -- Lindner scored on some particularly nice-looking drives in the 2nd half, when Princeton's guards seemed helpless to stop him.  Ptasinski was really on fire in the 2nd half.  Almost anytime Princeton seemed about to get close to us, Joey came up with a big shot -- usually from 3-point range.   Eventually, our consistently strong pace on offense just wore Princeton down and enabled us to win comfortably.

Hopefully, some of our reserves will develop as scoring threats as the year progresses, because we'll need production from the bench in order to have a successful season.  I thought that Klinewski had some unlucky rolls off the rim on his shots in the first half; ordinarily, I'd expect those shots to fall.  In the second half, I thought he forced some of his shots a bit.  On his one outside shot, he seemed to have a bit of a forward push motion in his shot.  I don't know whether that will lead to his shot getting blocked, because I imagine he won't be taking many outside shots this year unless he's clearly open.  Michael Hoffman's quickness helped us on defense in the second half; he even covered Brase for a bit.

Overall, an encouraging win over an opponent that had beaten us 5 years in a row.

Very nice win.  Second only to Lehigh in terms of teams I love to see us beat.   Another year of live and die by the 3 - last night we lived, rather nicely.

Very nice win.
First time I've seen us this year so a few observations:

Getting our hands on a lot of balls.

Although the bench did not score, there were a lot of contributions particularly on defense. I think that is just the way it worked out because of the way Coach O was subbing.

Lindner looked poised, confident and in charge, and his body developed from last year. He shed some baby fat and is really slapped together.

Klinewski has some nice size for a freshman. You can tell he is still getting adjusted to the speed of the college game, but, he made some quick moves and had some buckets roll out. I think he'll learn to finish better as he get adjusted to the college games.

Ptasinski was "feeling it" and his stroke was on.

Hinrichs was Hinrichs and his defense has improved.

The first half no one could get a stop and I thought both teams were on pace to hit 100! Second half it looked like they got tired from chasing us on offense and may have effected their second half shooting.

Officiating at these games continue to be an enigma to me. From the foul call on us while 3 Princeton players rebounded juggled and lost the ball out of bounds with no white jerseys near them, to the no call when Trist put their center into the stands on a layup? I don't get it? I agree with Steve about the play at the end of the first half, it was definitely a moving screen.

Hope we can keep it together and stay healthy.

Another win in the Palestra would be totally sweet. Especially after the football team grinds the brown ones into the Yankee staduim turf earlier in the day!





.....I'll second that.  Would make for a few very tasty scotch nightcaps on Saturday evening.

seenalot wrote:


.....I'll second that.  Would make for a few very tasty scotch nightcaps on Saturday evening.


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