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Prospect Camp

Coach Nolan had her first overnight prospect camp this past weekend. The camp drew around 50 players including three of the five incoming freshman.
Looking particularily good was 6'3" Emily Homan who showed a lot of inside moves with both her left and right hand. She also showed some toughness on the boards.

PG Brea Freeland displayed good quickness and ability to get to the hoop. She handled the ball well in the fast paced games and will press for playing time. She's very active in going for rebounds and has some hops for her size.

I didn't get to see much of Lynell Mackland's games but she does shoot off the dribble. Reminds me LaKeisha Wright.

The usual, what is a "prospect camp?"  The name implies that it is for high school kids who have not yet committed and are trying to get a look-see from a D-1 coach and/or some improvement to their games.  Yet we have signed and committed Lafayette recruits in attendance.  Should I just assume that they were "working" the camp and be done with it?

No, recruits who have not yet matriculated can go to the camp.. same things being done in the other sports. Coaches strongly suggest recruits go to these camps.

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