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PU aka Tigger

Never got off the bus last year and got embarrassed by 52. Hopefully it will be more respectable tonight at KSC.

Princeton was the pre-season Ivy favorite.
Lehigh beat them with Ross out. A freshman stepped into his role and scored 20 points.
The Tigers also lost to BYU. They are starting the season with seven road games.
This is an interesting game, the scheduling is unfortunate. Not much of a crowd will show up. I'll get there for at least a half.

The Hill is quiet. Pizza d'Oro is semi-busy. I can't imagine a blowout on the scale of last year. Princeton is 0-2, and ready. A Pard win here would be huge.

Cherry is starting.
Princeton does not look like an Ivy favorite tonight.
15-11 Lafayette, 10 minutes in.
Princeton 34-29 at the half.

It's all about the 3s.

Princeton 71-55 final. Not close for the last 12 minutes. Better than last year. Princeton's lead grew as its rebounding edge grew. 36-25 total.

Matt K. is quoted about spacing, which was an issue. There was some confusion on offense early, of course there are lots of new personnel. Cherry had some good moments.
So far this is a better start than I expected, maybe a double-digit-win season is within reach. The crowd was good for Thanksgiving Eve.
Lehigh beat this same Princeton team and did so without Ross.

Princeton didn't win - we lost.

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