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Quote of the day from Harvard

From Jerry R Green chairman of Harvard's standing committee on athletics who was commenting on Harvard's participation in the NCAA tournament.


In today's New York Times.

Could we please post that at the entrance to our athletic administration offices!!! I wouldn't hesitate to have it hanging in front of our BOT at their next meeting either!!

Apt for all if us, but I wonder why Harvard does not apply same metric to football.

RichH wrote:
Apt for all if us, but I wonder why Harvard does not apply same metric to football.

In their own way they do.  They've won 7 in a row and 12 of the last 13 from Yale and have either won or shared 3 of the last 6 Ivy titles.  Despite what you and I might think, beating large state universities in the FBS playoffs has never been part of their goals and dreams.

True enough but to me limiting yourself tobeing the big fish in a small pond is not striving fo rexcellence. Course reasonable people can disagree Smile
Harvard recruits excellent players and plays very good football
but scales back their parameterof excellence to the Yale game Rolling Eyes

The fact that the Ivy League does not allow football to participate in the NCAA playoffs is absurd at best considering the allow almost every other sport to do so.  Imagine the outcry if the tables were turned it was another sport that was in this situation!

That being said, I think between fall and WInter this year Harvard had something like 10 or 11 Ivy Team championships.  They may play the Ivy part, but they want to win at everything all the time!  And it shows in the way they recruit and raise funds
Pard Newbie

And now they have a victory over Cincinatti in the NCAA tourney to go along with their Ivy League title.  Harvard has done an admirable job of recruiting and coaching for sucess that is expected throughout the school whether on the plaing fields or in the classroom.  Sounds like an outline to be emulated.

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