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The Maroon

Recruiting Threads?

I added a recruiting thread to each forum as a "sub forum"---but I have to admit it's not exactly an ideal presentation. Let me know what you think.

I see you took out the recruiting threads as subtopics. I agree, I think we can just add a recruiting thread to the regular list of threads in each sport as we need them.

I thought it hard on the eyes initially, did you change the background to the gray? That works much better for me.

Just jumping to HC board and back for comparison--I'd say the HC board looks a little less "busy", there's a little less extraneous stuff; for instance, I personally won't use the "new post" information that appears under the topics. I'd just as soon see that gone.

You're doing all the work, much appreciated, just giving my impressions. Thanks, again.
The Maroon

There's ads all over the place--it's insane. I think part of it will just be an adjustment to getting used to this setup--but I'm farting around the control panel as much as I can to see what I can do to clean up some of this.

New Message Board

Smile Thanks ..We really needed this new board.LM
old pardfan

the new site

Like the idea of the new site, but it does take this old pardfan some time to figure out just how to use it. I will coninute to try and thank all for the work involved in setting the site up.
Hope all that used Voy will switch over.

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