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Rider Broncs

Well, the optimism lasted for just one game.  The team was blown out at Rider tonight.  Clearly, Coach is trying lots of different combinations.  Maia Hood is not playing much which surprises me.  I expect her playing time will increase dramatically in the next few games.  The box score gives only one positive: rebounding, a slight edge.  On to Robert Morris in Easton on Wednesday.  I hope the friends of the players turn out and give the team beaucoup support.

As with Rider, I know nothing about Robert Morris except that it is near Pittsburgh and Joe Walton from the  Jets used to be their football coach.
Leopard Loyalist

Rider was next to last in the MAAC pre-season poll.
Ransom Stoddard

Did not see the game, but the box score shows we had 26 TOs and shot 34% from the field, while Rider shot 47.5% overall and 52% from beyond the arc (12-23).  Looks like Rider's 3s killed us.  Cantwell is the best perimeter defender, but she only played 9 minutes.  Trying to stay positive, so we'll chalk that one up to Rider's good fortune from 3-point land and Coach playing everybody and trying different things.

Leopard Loyalist wrote:
Rider was next to last in the MAAC pre-season poll.

Yup. But Rider did also open the year with a win at Princeton, which was picked second in the Ivy League preseason poll. So this small sample size says that maybe the MAAC coaches (or the Ivy League coaches) missed on this one.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Women's Basketball
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