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Ron Wynkoop

Re: Ron Wynkoop

bethlehempard wrote:

I attempted to get hold of him a year or so ago but he was in the hospital. I have been trying to track down some information on the "Bucket of Blood".  As far as I can tell, it was located along the railroad tracks under the Black Bridge on Phillipsburg's Main Street. It was one of the places Lafayette College played some of it's basketball games, as well as the Armory building at 7th and Northampton Streets in Easton. The building is now gone.

Since you are apparently familiar with his writings, I was wondering if you have any of his books that reference the Bucket of Blood. I have been told by others that it was used for boxing events as well as wedding receptions. I found some vague information that indicated that the building was connected with the railroad workers union.
Pards Rule

Was he Director of LC Security after retiring from police?

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