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Ross and the Packers

An unconfirmed report indicates the Green Bay Packers will put Ross S. on their practice squad.

Confirmed by his representation.

And from the team:

Lafayette is back in the NFL.
Pards Rule

Yes! Good job Ross! Pack now my 2nd favorite team!

No. 26, listed as 6-0, 210, RB.  
Some practice-squad background:

Packers' site:

A Patriots note, and a commenter mentions how Ross got the spot with Green Bay even though Montee Ball was available.


Repeated from another thread:

The Packers' website says they signed eight free agents, all from the practice squad. Ross's name is not listed.

NFL roster rules are labyrinthine so while it doesn't look like good news I can't venture to say exactly what it means.  
Getting picked up in mid-season is tougher than getting a camp invitation. We will see him again I'm sure.
As of today he's still listed on the roster.

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