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Sacred Heart

That was a fun game to watch, and a hell of an ending.

Sacred Heart got up by 13 or so about midway through the first half, Lafayette got a slight lead back by halftime.  We were up by 10 at a couple of points in the second half, Sacred Heart ties it up at 81 with 20odd seconds left.  Missed the shot with a couple seconds left, Trist gets the rebound and gets fouled with .4 seconds left.  Misses the first one, makes the second.  Sacred Heart takes a half-court shot that nearly goes in as time expires.

Laf 82-81.

It was an exciting game between two evenly matched teams. SH had a 15 point lead at the 10:58 point in the first half. We rallied to take a 46-44 lead at the half. Both teams shot over 50% in the first half. We gradually built a 10 point lead with 4:29 remaining. We ran delay to score but did not execute well in the closing minutes. Well balanced scoring: Trist 20, Ptasinski 14, Hinrichs 14, Scott 10 and Klinewski coming off the bench for foul troubled Trist with 11. Rebounds were about even. Linder dished out 12 assists. Now a week off for exams.

SH came out pushing the ball up court the first 10 mins and built a 15 pt lead. They could not sustain the pace and we worked our way back to a 2 pt lead at half. After making 10 - 3's in the first half, I don't think we made any in the 2nd and hung on. Nice win over a team who beat both Gate and HC.
Klinewski was 5 for 5 from the field with some nice finishes and strong rebounds. The kid comes to play!

Oh yeah, and, the SH coach gets my vote as the most annoying since Pat Flannery. Jeez! Must be short man's disease?

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