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Scary stats for 2016

Dan, Seth and Joey account for about 42 percent of total minutes played.
The same three seniors account for about 55 percent of points. Nick was tied with Joey before today at third in total points. Bryce is fifth, Monty sixth. Nobody else is in triple digits for the season.
The Big Three account for 47 percent of total rebounds. Dan, Seth, nobody else in triple digits. Bryce is third with 74.
Klinewski gets 2.2 per game in his 11 minutes.
This year will almost surely be better than our standard 13-17 and already is in total wins.
Still we hoped for better. We have a big guy who can play, a good all-around guy and a great shooter. It's not adding up.
Next year could be ugly.

Fran might as well join the rest of the league and bring in some transfers.
Franks Tanks

This was supposed to be our year!

The next few years will be ugly. We have no chance to win a championship anytime soon.

A few years ago, John Leone said this group would win a title.  He was wrong.

I've been to one basketball game since our 2013 semi win vs Lehigh. Why is it worth going?

I know I've said Frank has to go, but I say it with an indecisive flair of drama.  I 90% believe Fran has to go, and 100% Bruce has to go.

Considering this league (in all sports), we might be the equivalent of Vanderbilt (I know they are excellent in baseball, but....) or Washington State.  I just don't want us to slide into Washington Generals status.  We can't expect these other schools to not give us their best and, if it means we get clobbered, they're going to do it without remorse.

I'm not ready to jump into this conversation, yet. After the season's over I'll put in my 2 cents, FWIW.

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