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Scrimmage soon?

Things should be starting to gear up - anyone hear anything?

My expectations aren't too high but feel we need to see some improvement in at least three areas - faceoffs, clearing defensive zone and overall defensive pressure.    We have enough offensive power, just not sure we can get them the ball in right spots vs their having to make all or most of their own openings.


Couldn't agree more. We do have some very good freshman to hopefully help out in some of those needed areas but these boys are all going to have to step up their game!
Still excited for a new season with a new coach........

Re: Scrimmage soon?

seenalot wrote:
Things should be starting to gear up - anyone hear anything?

LC reportedly has two road scrimmages coming up:  Sacred Heart (and possibly Merrimack as well) on February 2nd and then at St. John's February 9th.

Bison is correct.  Scrimmages this Saturday at SHU in Fairfield, CT are 12:30pm vs. Div II stalwart Merrimack and then 2:00pm vs. Sacred Heart.  Feb. 9th is 1:00pm vs St. John's in Queens.  

This should be an interesting season just in terms of the short-term effect of a new coaching regime on basically the same players.  The D returns pretty much intact (Mac Ahsler, Matt Evans, Geoff Stearns, Brendon Gover at LSM, Jake Hyatt in goal) as does the attack (Sophs Brian Bock, Sonny Round, and Corey Scheuerle although Frosh Kevin Wanke should be competing for playing time).  The team lost all their starting O middies so they will have to play guys without much game experience.  Freshman Morgan Westby is likely to start and Juniors Frank Floyd, Mike Galione, Jake Mann, Soph Keegan Lawton and perhaps a few of the Frosh are likely to get in the mix.  

As seenalot indicated, perhaps the main things the team can realistically improve on this year are the small things, particularly better clearing, fewer turnovers, and a more organized team defense.  Faceoffs will of course be important but Anthony Zawadzki, who took most of the draws last year before a season-ending injury, is still iffy.  Greg Rau and Jake O'Brien took most of the other faceoffs last year but neither was above 50%.

There are maybe five games on the schedule that are winnable (Manhattan, Wagner, Marist, High Point, and Holy Cross) but with the exception of Wagner, none of these are gimmees.  Five wins and staying competitive in most of the other games would be very respectable for this year.

I wish it were more but I'd sign up for 4 wins right now.  I think coaching can help improve last year's clearing the zone problem, but if we don't figure out a faceoff solution (a tough one to fix) and get decent middie play its going to be less than 4 wins - just too many possessions we stand to give away.

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